Sports Leagues Are Not The Judicial System

The NFL is again catching controversy after suspending New York Giants kicker Josh Brown just one game for allegedly committing domestic violence against his wife. While the league standard for domestic violence is six games, the police had declined to formally charge Brown so there was no conviction. The NFL split the More »


Warren Buffet’s Tax Returns Show The Media’s Willful Ignorance

During last weekend’s debate / parade of Bill Clinton accusers, Donald Trump claimed that the billionaires supporting Hillary, including Warren Buffet, took advantage of the same type of deductions he did when he claimed a $916 million loss in 1995. Many on the left wanted to believe that this wasn’t More »


Some Thoughts on How Trump Can Turn The Election Around

After being taped more or less talking about grabbing Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell’s pussy, Trump’s odds of winning the presidency fell to 17% on betting markets. He had an aggressive and not terrible second debate, but his stock only rose to 21 cents – so things are still looking More »

Sports Leagues Are Not The Judicial System


The NFL is again catching controversy after suspending New York Giants kicker Josh Brown just one game for allegedly committing domestic violence against his wife. While the league standard for domestic violence is six games, the police had declined to formally charge Brown so there was no conviction.

The NFL split the difference and gave Brown just 1 game – putting them in a no-win situation equivalent to answering whether you think your wife’s friend is hot. There could be no winning. Either Brown was innocent, and they were wrong, or he was guilty, and they were wrong.

Since their initial sentencing, it was leaked that Brown admitted to abusing his wife in a journal that he wrote during counseling.  After his private admissions became public, critics called out the NFL, and the league responded by putting Brown on paid leave (which is such a perk both Hillary and Trump are promising it to voters).

The NFL put itself in an impossible situation. In order to protect the integrity of the game, it needs to have football rules. That means handing out suspensions for things like PED use and tampering with other team’s players. Enforcing these rules is necessary for the sport to exist

Warren Buffet’s Tax Returns Show The Media’s Willful Ignorance


During last weekend’s debate / parade of Bill Clinton accusers, Donald Trump claimed that the billionaires supporting Hillary, including Warren Buffet, took advantage of the same type of deductions he did when he claimed a $916 million loss in 1995.

Many on the left wanted to believe that this wasn’t true, that other billionaires didn’t seek expert tax advice, and instead just put their earnings into Turbo Tax with the help of a receipt scanner they bought off of Groupon.

To be clear, $916 million is a big loss to claim even for a billionaire – especially in 1995. You could basically have taken the entire country to the movie theaters to see Toy Story for that price (you could’ve also taken the entire country to see The Brady Bunch Movie, but that doesn’t seem like as big of a loss).

So it is no wonder that the media was quick to pounce on the huge write-off. Strangely though, they didn’t really know what to make of the news. They ended up simultaneously claiming that Trump was a business failure, but also that he was a crook for not paying taxes on his successful business – never realizing the two concepts were as incompatible as Mel Gibson-branded challah.

While you can rightly criticize Trump for losing money, the idea that claiming losses is a “loophole” is nonsense. The tax code is complicated, but the basic premise isn’t hard – you pay money on income, not losses. Life does not neatly line up with the tax year, so we allow people to carry their losses forward (imagine buying business equipment on December 31 and selling it on January 1 for the same price – you haven’t made a profit, but if you weren’t able to carry through your loss, your taxes would make it appear that you had).

Given the media fervor around Trump’s taxes, it should come as no surprise that when Buffet released his taxes to prove Trump wrong, Buffet’s returns were glorified like they were a new Adele album. Vox praised Buffet for calling “bullshit” on Trump’s statement, and CNN said Buffet “dug the knife deeper” into Trump by touting his charitable contributions.

While all these news outlets were quick to praise Buffet, none of them were responsible enough to actually do any math regarding the numbers. But if you look the actual numbers Buffet claimed to have paid in taxes, they’re paltry:

  • Adjusted gross income: $11.6 million
  • Deductible charitable contributions: $3.5 million
  • Total deductions: $5.5 million
  • Federal income tax paid: $1.8 million

Buffet paid $3.5 million on $11.6 million in income, which sounds like a lot, until you realize that he is worth about $65 billion dollars. The man has a dollar for every year since didollar-menunosaurs walked the earth, yet he paid the equivalent of an NBA bench player’s salary in taxes.

Income is different than wealth, but his percentage of taxes paid compared to his wealth was a minuscule 0.005%. If Buffett was the median American, it’d be like him paying just $2.25 in federal income tax – so the media is more or less applauding Warren Buffet for ordering the government something off the dollar menu .

This is not to say Buffet is a bad person. He gives much of his money to charity. But it is ridiculous to compare Buffet’s taxes to Trump. Buffet pays almost no taxes because he holds his wealth in Berkshire Hathaway stock which doesn’t pay dividends – which to Trump’s point, and as Barron’s points out, is a strategy for rich people to avoid paying taxes while their gains compound:

HOW MUCH TAX is Warren Buffett able to avoid by fixing Berkshire’s dividend at zero? The dividend yield of the Standard & Poor’s 500 is about 2%. The price/earnings ratio of the S&P 500 is about 18. Thus, for the S&P 500, approximately 30% of earnings are paid out to shareholders. These dividends are taxable at a current maximum rate of 23.8%.

If Berkshire followed the average of the S&P 500, it would have paid out about $6 billion in dividends in 2014, and Buffett’s share would have been about $1.2 billion.

At a 23.8% tax rate, that would have given Buffett a tax bill of $280 million, or about 40 times the taxes he said he actually paid in 2010.

In addition to not paying dividends, the Washington Post explained how Berkshire Hathaway avoided taxes by doing stock swaps rather than outright sales during its Phillips 66 and Proctor and Gamble transactions:

In transactions in 2014 and last year, Berkshire did three “cash-rich split-off” transactions that allowed it to end up with lots of cash and assets while avoiding what I estimate to be a total of about $2.5 billion in capital gains taxes.

Berkshire did what amounted to complicated trades with three companies whose shares it had owned for years, swapping those holdings for a combination of cash and operating assets. The transactions are treated by the IRS as tax-free trades, rather than sales.

The end result is that Warren Buffet, like Trump, is avoiding paying billions in taxes. The only difference is that Trump was dumb enough to structure his business in a way where it shows up on his personal tax returns (and then run for president). If he’d been running for president for the past 30 years like Hillary has, he’d have no doubt have structured his business in a more opaque way.

Billionaires are always going to hire smart people to find ways to avoid paying taxes. That’s why we need politicians to re-write the code and force them to pay up.

Trump’s taxes are ultimately a minor issue. His campaign is exploding so quickly you’d think it was manufactured by Samsung. However, the treatment of his taxes versus Buffet’s is indicative of the media’s propensity to publish anything anti-Trump without even asking basic questions. The danger of that laziness and bias will last much longer than Trump’s ability to carry forward his business losses.



Some Thoughts on How Trump Can Turn The Election Around


After being taped more or less talking about grabbing Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell’s pussy, Trump’s odds of winning the presidency fell to 17% on betting markets. He had an aggressive and not terrible second debate, but his stock only rose to 21 cents – so things are still looking desperate for the Donald.  Samsung’s stock didn’t fall this hard – and they make devices you put against your ear that randomly explode.

An argument can be made that Trump’s audio should not kill his campaign. Sure, it was disgusting and degrading towards women, but Trump was just running his mouth. Meanwhile, Juanita Broaddrick is on twitter claiming that Bill Clinton actually raped her and Hillary attacked her afterwards.

Broaddrick’s claims have some credibility (she initially denied the account for years before being recorded on tape saying that she wasn’t going to ruin her name trying to attack Clinton since “there’s just absolutely no way anyone can get to him, he’s just too vicious”). But her allegations are old news. Trump’s transgressions are worse because they are timelier, even if they are tamer (most people agree that rape is worse than taking a woman furniture shopping hoping to get sex). The tape is a textbook October surprise, completely overshadowing Wikileaks’ release of Hillary’s speech transcripts.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 07: Television personality Billy Bush moderates the HRTS Presents Newsmaker Luncheon: Cable Programming Summit at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 7, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic)

Nothing Hillary said in her paid speeches is as damaging as the Access Hollywood audio, because on the infamous tape Trump managed to be the biggest douche on a recording that also included Billy Bush. It was previously thought that nothing could be more annoying than Billy Bush, who seems to be the personification of a beeping alarm clock. While Billy Bush claims to be related to the political Bush family, it seems more likely that he was created in a lab after scientists put hair gel on a mosquito.

So no matter how you think Trump fared in the debate last night, his campaign is in desperate need of a boost. Here are a few things he could do to resuscitate his image and become president:

Pepe The Frog Is Not A Hate Symbol, The Left Just Loves To Hate


Pepe the Frog, a dumb meme that features an ugly amphibian, has been classified as a “hate symbol” by the Anti-Defamation League. The frog was called a hate symbol after it was allegedly used by alleged white supremacists and “alt-right” groups.

The categorization of an animal meme as a hate symbol makes little sense. An object’s meaning and intent shouldn’t be changed based on its users. Millions of trucks illegally feature Calvin and Hobbes peeing on a Chevy logo, but that doesn’t mean we should re-classify the comic strip as pro-urinating propaganda. When someone draws devil horns on a Reese Witherspoon movie poster, that doesn’t mean America’s sweetheart is a sign of the occult.

That’s why it is ironic that a group called the “anti-defamation” league would classify something as a hate symbol even though it itself acknowledges that it “did not originally have anti-Semitic connotations.” Characterizing Pepe as a hate symbol is in itself defamatory, which is how Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the Frog, certainly feels about it:

Simone Biles Ritalin Use Shows The Problem With Athletes And Drugs


In between hacking the DNC and Colin Powell, Russia decided to snoop through the World Anti-Doping Agency’s emails to dig up some dirt on U.S. athletes (the organization had recently busted Russia’s doping program). The hackers soon uncovered a big find – America’s sweetheart, gymnast Simone Biles, had a medical exemption to use a banned substance called methylphenidate.

While methylphenidate sounds like something Walter White would cook up, most people know it as a treatment for ADHD commonly marketed as Ritalin. Basically, Simone Biles was taking the same pills teachers that force-feed annoying kids when they’re sick of dealing with them.

The media was quick to defend Simone Biles, saying she shouldn’t suffer stigma because of her ADHD and even crying racism. But it’s important to remember that Ritalin is a real drug with real effects – specifically it yields modest yet unambiguous improvements in working memory, episodic memory, and inhibitory control. Ritalin increases performance on difficult tasks (like training for the Olympics) and boring tasks (like watching the Olympics).

While Biles may very well suffer from ADHD, America is still faced with three possibilities: (i) even with the Ritalin, Biles has below average mental concentration due to her ADHD, (ii) the Ritalin exactly balances out her ADHD, or (iii) the Ritalin more than counteracts the ADHD and gives her an advantage. Number one seems unlikely since Biles not only won gold, she won by the largest margin since 1980. It also seems unlikely that out of all the possible values, the medicine and disorder balance out exactly. It’d be like spinning the big wheel on the Price is Right and landing on a dollar 200 times in a row. Given that Biles is being heralded as the greatest gymnast ever, it’d be difficult not to not credit some of that success to her Ritalin use.

The Dakota Access Pipeline Shows The Media Has No Interest In Knowledge


The Obama administration issued a ruling to temporarily halt construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline. In this case temporary probably means until Obama is out of office, drinking a beer on the golf course, and watching his replacement trying to deal with it. Some parts of being the president are fun, but having to side with billion dollar oil corporations over poor Native Americans on horseback is not fun, even if their claims are a bunch of buffalo chips.

For those not following the controversy, the pipeline would run some 1100 miles from North Dakota to Illinois. Pipelines make liberals angry because they carry oil, despite the fact that fossil fuels power all the tools they need in life to allow them to write angry blog posts. In their minds, the Huffington post runs on some combination of wind power, hope, and the mojo of an old Inuit woman. But in reality, they use just as much oil, natural gas, and coal as the rest of us. Pipelines are not perfect, but they are safer and more energy efficient than trucks and railways.

Stopping construction was a move Obama had to make based on the coverage of sites like and Buzzfeed, which featured a lot of protesters in traditional Native American garb stating that their culture is going to be destroyed. That’s why minutes after a federal judge denied the tribe’s request for an injunction, the Obama administration issued a statement stopping the work:

The Army will not authorize constructing the Dakota Access pipeline on Corps land bordering or under Lake Oahe until it can determine whether it will need to reconsider any of its previous decisions regarding the Lake Oahe site under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) or other federal laws.

The Epi-Pen Price Hike Shows America’s Healthcare System Is Broken


Mylan Pharmaceuticals is the most hated thing on the internet this week not named Trump. The drug pusher drew the media’s wrath after they rose the price of EpiPens to over $300 – a 400% increase in just four years. Even the height of Trump’s wall isn’t growing as fast as the cost of Epi-Pens.

But while people are understandably upset that a company is price gouging sick kids, even more jarring was the way the price hike was defended:

Mylan’s defenders note that the $609 list price of EpiPen may get all of the attention, but most consumers don’t actually pay that. Even before Mylan’s recent cost-cutting moves, the company has indicated that 80% of its prescriptions translate to $0 out-of-pocket expenses.

Just 4% of EpiPen prescriptions actually led to $600 or more in out-of-pocket expenses, according to an analysis by Evercore analyst Umer Raffat.

That defense roughly translate to: “don’t worry, sick kids aren’t paying this artificially high price, people who buy health insurance are!” And thanks to Obamacare’s individual mandate, that means everybody is getting stabbed by the Epi-Pen manufacturer.

Unfortunately, our healthcare system incentivizes charging these outrageous prices. Everyone has to buy insurance, and the drug companies are not ignorant of that fact. They also know that American kids are wusses who are not only allergic to bees, shellfish and peanuts, they are increasingly becoming allergic to bread. Bread is now a deadly weapon to like half of our youth. If the last supper occurred in 2016, at least two of the apostles would have broken out in hives after being given Jesus’s body.

France Was Right To Ban The Burkini


A number of French beach communities have decided to ban the “burkini”, a swimsuit designed for Muslim women that covers their entire bodies like the wrapper around a fast food hamburger.

While there is an argument that this ban denies certain citizens of their right to religious expression, those arguments forget that France is a place for topless beaches full of cigarette smoking hotties with exquisite breasts.

Allowing people to run around in burkinis would fundamentally change western culture. Musicians would have to sing songs that go, “it was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie, enormous black burkini, that she wore so her husband wouldn’t honor kill her.”  

Going to the beach is a huge pain in the ass. You have to pack up the car, drive through traffic, and find parking. But people still go because it is a fun place where they can be surrounded by other people having fun. Beachgoers want to lay in the sand and see people playing frisbee with a golden retriever, while Danny and Sandy show off, splashing around (woah woah woah!).

But when the beach also contains a grown woman looking like a walking inner tube in order to appease the rules of her antiquated religion, it kills the “good vibrations.”

Beaches depend on tourism, and the French are Roy Scheider seeing the great brown shark ready to ruin their holiday business. They realize that if someone’s beach outfit is so enormous that it makes them look like the Goodyear blimp, complete with DHL sponsorship, then it is not a fun beach outfit. As the French Prime minister put it, the burkini is not a style choice it is a statement against the west, western values, and France:

“expressions of an archaic vision of women in public places … The burkini is not a new swimwear fashion; it’s the transmission of a political project, against society, founded notably upon the subjection of women. Some people try to portray those who wear them as victims, as though we were calling liberty into question. But there is no liberty to subjugate women.”

Critics say the burkini ban is just Islamophobia, but they are missing the point. This is not a trivial argument over who is baking a gay wedding cake. This is a stand against women living their entire lives with 95% of their bodies shielded from the world, like they are a human sleeping bag a hiker forgot to roll up into his backpack.

The ban is a statement for gender equality and a win for communities. It is said that good fences make for good neighbors, but that adage doesn’t necessarily apply when the people are wearing those fences on their faces.

A burkini is a signal to fellow beach goers that you need to cover your body like a grandmother covers her couch, because you believe every other person at the beach is a pervert. And that message just doesn’t make for a mellow day at the beach.


Kamau Bell’s Letter To Michael Phelps Shows The Left’s Racism


When it comes to ridiculous Olympics statements, it is clear that CNN host W. Kamau Bell takes the gold. The comedian published an open letter asking Michael Phelps to step down as America’s Olympic flag bearer in order to let Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Muslim-American fencer who competes wearing a hijab, carry the American flag.

Bell said that Phelps already had enough glory and didn’t need another honor. Then he further justified asking Phelps to step down by invoking Donald Trump – because how could any self-respecting liberal opine on the Olympics without bringing up Trump? Democrats are like swimming sharks, if they quit criticizing Trump they die.

Of all the reasons Bell lays out for why Phelps should step down, the most striking is his claim that America has had enough “rich white men”:

No offense, but right now America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great … again.

GOP Leaders Backing Hillary Instead Of Gary Johnson Shows The System Is Rigged

bush 2

A growing number of Republicans are endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. Former California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman said she was with Hillary, as did top strategists for Jeb(!) Bush and Chris Christie. In addition, a former Minnesotan Republican senator said he’d cast a vote for Hillary if it decided the election. And on Thursday, the first sitting Republican congressman, Richard Hanna, announced that he would vote for Hillary in the 2016 election.

It’s hard to blame Republicans for deserting their candidate. Trump, who claimed he would be the most presidential candidate since Lincoln, decided he too needed to preside over a civil war and set out to create one within the Republican party. His first week as nominee he got into a twitter war with a Muslim family whose son died in Iraq, which, short of stealing Jennifer Aniston’s husband, is the surest way to piss off the entirety of America.

Trump then refused to endorse Romney and McCain, which was followed by rumors that his staff was “suicidal.” Then it was leaked that Trump doesn’t understand why our foreign policy can’t just be “nuke everybody.” All this led to a huge lead for Hillary, and now it’s coming out that despite his repeated promises to stop illegal immigration, his own wife might have had a prior green card marriage.

So it’s easy to see why Republicans are abandoning ship and crossing their fingers that the man they nominated just two weeks ago calls it quits. Even Trump himself might have to cast a different vote just keep Melania in the country.