No One Is Trying To Import More White Nationalists

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After a Portland man went on an anti-Muslim tirade and stabbed a group of men trying to protect two young women, the media predictably had a field day.  The Washington Post claimed that such attacks would continue to happen unless we fight white supremacy. Slate criticized Trump for not tweeting about the attacks soon enough.

Many people were quick to point out that more people are killed by white nationalists than refugees, and Jill Stein tweeted that the event was “Another heartbreaking tragedy in Trump’s America.”

While the stabbing was certainly a tragedy, those quick to politicize the event are missing the point – the stabber, Jeremy Christian, is completely insane. Yes, he went on an anti-Muslim tirade before the attack, but earlier that night he also went on a tirade against Muslims, Christians, Jews, and any other group that jokingly might walk into a bar together :

‘You don’t like it? You got a problem with what I’m saying?’ she heard Christian say. ‘F*** all you Christians and Muslims and f****** Jews , f****** die. Burn you at the stake… f****** die.’

And while Jill Stein was quick to denounce Trump’s America, the stabber actually preferred that America be a combination of her and Bernie Sander’s vision, because in addition to hating all of the major world religions, the stabber loved Stein and Bernie and hated oil pipelines.

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Jeremy Christian also hated the prison industrial complex, most likely because he was sent to jail on kidnapping and robbery charges. He abhorred being called a racist or a Nazi, though he loved doing Nazi salutes and attending white nationalist events.

When you add up all of his incoherent internet ranting, Jeremy Christian sounds like he’s a perverted version of the World’s Most Interesting Man, as if the Dos Equis guy drank a gallon of lead paint and then simultaneously watched Fox News and MSNBC – retaining garbled pieces of the angry talking points of both sides. He is the personification of the Youtube comment section on a Beyonce video.

In other words, Jcapeeremy Christian is mentally ill. He wore an American flag as a cape. When a grown man commits a crime wearing a cape, that crime cannot be blamed on Trump, Bernie Sanders, or Jill Stein – it’s a product of the ideology of a broken mind which is trapped inside a puffier version of the singer Meatloaf.

The Portland stabbing is not some sign that white men are evil. In fact, it was three white men who stood up to stop the deranged attacker on behalf of the minority women – with two of those men losing their lives in the process. When white men have the biologically correct number of chromosomes, they actually protect minorities against hate crimes.

Contrast this with the group the left is trying to compare Jeremy Christian to – Muslim jihadists. While liberals claim that the number of people killed by immigrants and refugees is less than the number killed by white nationalists, the same is not true for their children. For instance, last week’s bombing at an Ariana Grande concert was carried out by Salman Abedi, the son of Libyan refugees.  Abedi was not mentally ill. He went to a private academy for schooling and was studying business management at university.

Nor was Abedi a lone crazy person ranting on a train. He had just returned from Libya, likely with the aid of an army of Islamic militants that make up the caliphate which controls an increasingly large portion of the Middle East. Jeremy Christian had no army supporting him, only an elderly man with a biker helmet and a bandana who probably would also wear a flag cape if he only knew could figure out how to tie one.

ISIS controls or has controlled a number of large cities – some the size of Phoenix. Last anyone checked, an army of white nationalists with quasi-mullets and pants underneath their shorts did not control any city the size of Phoenix.

But the biggest fallacy in the media comparing Jeremy Christian to refugees is that everyone agrees that America doesn’t need any more mentally unbalanced racists. Jeremy Christian is not in the United States because Republicans lobbied to let in boatloads of white nationalists who think Timothy McVeigh is a hero. He is in America because he was born here. Perhaps America has failed in giving him the mental care he needs, but he remains in the country mostly because we have no other choice. Given the option, we would all prefer to ship our entire stock of cape wearing felons to Fiji.

And that’s why there is nothing to glean from the politics of the Portland train stabbing. You can’t fight the stabber’s positions because his ideology is insanity – to try and to discern his viewpoint would be like trying to teach Ted Cruz to become a pickup artist. The tragedy has nothing to do with refugees seeking asylum, only the fact that America long ago decided against locking its mentally ill away in asylums. The only lesson is something we all already know – when you see the crazy man on the train, leave him alone.


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