Jezebel Writer “Tweets In” Column This Week


In the blogosphere, we need to replace the expression “phoning it in” with “tweeting it in.” That’s clearly the new way enlightened, Jezebel posters are making their money.

This week Laura Beck posted an entry called Racists Are Being Hella Racist Because Miss America Isn’t White. The post contained screen caps of racist tweets from such noted scholars as  Hayley Cheyenne♡ (@CheyenneHayley)  and BIG GLUTE CURL (@pow_pow65). Because if you’re going to have a serious discussion about racism in America, its best to find a girl who spells her name with a heart and someone (or thing) that is really into curling with its glutes. I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked by the glute machine at the gym and wondered what the person curling had to say about diversity in beauty pageants.

As for Haley, she had this to say:

We have a black president and an Asian Miss America. This ain’t Merica no more guys.

Haley with a heart has spoken! There is no more Merica! Even the apostrophe is gone! This tweet clearly proves how racist America is and is a great use of a site that gets millions of views like Jezebel.

Thankfully, Laura was here to add some context to the discussion.

Idiot racists got so mad, they started mixing up Indian, Indian-American, Arab, Muslim, and everything in between. It’s (literarily) a most impressive display of dumb mixed with intolerance and even more stupidity. USA! USA! USA!

Yes Jezebel, USA! USA! USA! Except this isn’t indicative of the U.S. This is only indicative of how lazy and trolling Jezebel writers are. They want to show that racism is still a huge issue so they write articles about it every day. It’s how they get paid. The reason these twitter articles are becoming more and more popular isn’t because America is becoming more racist, but because they are so easy to write. Just go on twitter, search for a racial slur, and insert it Mad Libs style into a previous Jezebel article.

Any idiot can get a twitter account. Laura didn’t find the postings of idiot racists, she found the postings of stupid tweens and people who want attention. There’s no proof any of them were even racist. The article was so lazy, she originally even included a sarcastic tweet from an Indian girl making a joke.

UPDATE: It was brought to our attention that one Tweet originally included in this post was written by an Indian-American woman who intended to be sarcastic. That Tweet has been removed. – EGR

Were some of the other posts jokes too? Probably. Were some of them racists? Definitely.

But none of that matters without context. That’s the problem with sites like Jezebel. In order to drive traffic, they have to evoke emotion, not thought. It doesn’t matter that you can search for an opinion and find someone who has tweeted it out.

I just did a search and found multiple people claiming to have discovered big foot. I didn’t even have to scroll down. That doesn’t mean anyone discovered big foot, it doesn’t mean America believes in big foot, and it doesn’t even mean these people believe in big foot.

All it means is there are half billion people on twitter, 340 million tweets a day, and a search box. The fact that Laura Beck can find twelve people who posted racist things on twitter (and one who didn’t) doesn’t make her a social commentator, it makes her a hack who sucks at math and thinking critically.

Hopefully 10 people (or robots) with twitter can write tweets calling out this practice. That way Jezebel can write about how “Smart Americans Are Hella Smart For Calling Out Jezebel’s Bullshit.” USA! USA! USA!

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