Bergdahl Prisoner Swap Shows Absurdity of Modern Media


Obama swapped five high value Taliban officials for an American soldier in a prison exchange. Most people see this as a complicated issue. We always want to bring every American soldier home, but in terms of both number and rank the trade was extremely lopsided. Obama basically traded 5 Charizard pokemon cards for a Magikarp.

While we leave no soldier behind, it seems clear his fellow troops believe he was a deserter and possibly worse. It appears his planned disappearance directly or indirectly got other U.S. soldiers killed.

So this seems like a complicated issue. You can clearly see pros and cons on both sides. He was captured, but it was largely his fault. The trade was lopsided, but we should value our troops more than the Taliban. He endangered other soldier’s lives, but that is in the past and he likely has his own issues.

But its funny how a complicated issue like this splits exactly down party media lines. Let’s see what Fox News has to say:



Bergdahl was a deserter seeking the Taliban! He’d left base before!

His hometown cancelled a parade! For the love of god, there are less parades now! Giant cartoon floats are being deflated!

There is no way to quell the concern over the deal! I repeat, there is no way TO QUELL! TRY AS YOU MIGHT THERE IS NO QUELLING TO BE HAD!

Reading Fox you would think that this was an absolute disaster for the Obama administration. The Huffington Post and its free spirited unpaid bloggers must be  amped on Ramen Noodles and Middlebury diplomas and taking Obama to task. Let’s check in on them:



We don’t do that in the United States!

It’s not 100% all his fault! Perhaps its 99% his fault, but its LUDICROUS to deal in certainty!

Politics at it’s worst! We hate Bush! But he would have done the same thing so that makes it okay! All the Republicans wanted to do it!

They were going to be released anyway! Who cares if you are breaking up with me, I was going to break up with you yesterday!

THE PARADE IS STILL CANCELLED! Won’t someone think of the 40 year old men who went to the dry cleaner to get their clown costumes pressed for this parade that we were promised!!

The reality is that the Obama administration had a tough call. They may have been right in their decision to make the lopsided trade, but it seems like they failed in doing their homework. Honoring Bergdahl in the Rose Garden was probably the wrong call, and saying he “served with honor and distinction” was definitely stupid. This is all a gray area, but gray doesn’t drive traffic like Huffington Post’s big red letters.

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