Quit Calling For Everyone’s Jobs Because You Disagree With Them


State Farm pulled its commercials starring Rob Schneider due to pressure from activists mad at Schneider’s anti-vaccination views. It is no surprise that State Farm succumbed to the professional internet whiners, as no one has ever accused an insurance company of being too bold or taking a stand on anything. And in fairness, no one really wants an insurance company to make decisions on a whim and let the chips fall where they may, like a parent deciding to raise their in Florida.

But still, it is disheartening to see yet another person lose their job for a totally unrelated political stance. Much of the outcry to oust Schneider stemmed from his views on a law requiring California students to be vaccinated. Schneider wrote:

‘Today California passed a law to force parents to get a Doc’s permission to not vaccinate their kids or they can’t attend school! Nazi’s.”

Schneider’s view is dumb. Everyone should get vaccinated. But his idiocy had nothing to do with his job. He was being paid to recreate his one hit character from SNL over twenty years ago – the “Richmeister.”

The man is 51 years old. Playing something called the Richmeister. Can’t we just leave him alone with his sad life? Apparently not. A video circulating the web states:

“Contact your agent and demand that someone who publicly states dangerous opinions should not be a spokesperson for a health insurance company.”

Calling other people’s bosses and demanding they get fired is great – until someone calls your boss to fire you. If we fired everyone with stupid views, no one would have a job – and then who would go to offices pretending to do work while they post on facebook? No one would, and then facebook might go out of business and our economy would really be in trouble.

The fact is we live in a really dumb country. 1.3 million Americans watch Finding Bigfoot each week despite that fact that the show has been on for five seasons without ever coming close to finding Bigfoot. That’s the equivalent of watching Wheel of Fortune for five years and having no one guess any letters  – so you just stare at a blank puzzle every episode. That’s how dumb we are.

So we all need to take a step back before we cast the first “fire him” tweet. Maybe you’re not against vaccinations, but everyone has their quirks. You may have your own idiotic views that the government is hiding evidence of aliens, that the CIA created AIDs, or that the media is conspiring to make us think Renee Zellweger is attractive.

Whatever that belief is, it shouldn’t get you fired if it doesn’t affect your job – and Schneider’s job here was literally to act like a buffoon on television for 30 seconds during reruns of Yes, Dear. If you think the Richmeister was causing a public health crisis, then that’s your own crazy quirk.

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