The Daily Show Slanders Wall Street Guys and Domino Players With No Evidence

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Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams set out to show the world what it was like to live in her “feminized world“. She wanted to demonstrate how much harder it was for women in NYC due to the city’s…maleness? Air sexism? MANhattanism?

I’m not sure what word people are using to bitch about men these days, but nonetheless she was busy complaining about all the alleged cat calls and street harassment in New York.

To prove her point, Williams walked around New York City until she was finally confronted by a Hispanic construction worker who said “Hola” and a fat security guard who said “nice hair.”

Williams goes on to explain that her morning commute is longer because she has to avoid the street harassment of “teenagers at the bodega” and “old guys playing dominos” while also dodging “wall street douches,” “white guys,” “latino guys,” etc.

The reason this is disingenuous is because Williams claims she has to avoid all men, despite the fact that she clearly was unable to show any of these men actually harassing her. The Daily Show showed a blurry clip of some old guys playing dominos, but those old guys didn’t even say anything to Williams – they were just playing fucking dominos.



TTo play the part of Wall Street douches they also showed some blurry men, even though no junior bankers did (or ever would) say shit to Williams on the street. The parrots who watch the Daily Show have been trained to hate Wall Street bankers, so the line provokes laughter and outrage even without any connection whatsoever between bankers and street harassment.

Wall street guys are a liberal boogie man, like Monsanto and Dick Cheney. It would be racist if the Daily Show talked about how Williams was “accosted” by a Hispanic immigrant on the street and how she had to avoid Hispanic immigrants. So instead they show the only clip they could get, the one featuring the cement pourer, and then they manufacture out of whole cloth a connection to Wall Street bankers (who probably were taking a break from merging Monsanto with Halliburton to walk on the street and tell women they looked pretty).

That’s not to say that cat calling and street harassment isn’t a problem. I’m a male and I’ve had my ass grabbed on a NYC street. But if it was as widespread as Williams is claiming, and she really did have to avoid all those groups of men, then she probably would have caught someone talking to her on camera besides an immigrant cement pourer. I have nothing against cement pourers, but when this bit was pitched, I doubt the producers were like “This will be great! We’ll catch a Guatemalan guy whose been in the country for 5 days saying Hola!”

The only other guy shown even speaking to Williams is a fat guy who tells her she has nice hair, which might be considered harassment were it not for the fact that Williams’s hair is ridiculous. It’s like someone mixed Kim Jong Un’s bouffant with the Predator’s dreads. Her hair begs to be complemented. It’s as loud as one of John Stewart’s “FUCKS” that he now uses in place of a punchline, and demands attention just as Stewart’s nuanced statements demands a laugh from his audience of parrots. “Monsanto, ha ha! Wall street douches, ha ha! Polly hates crackers, ha ha!”


The most troubling part about the video is that it still went viral, despite the fact that she went out with a camera crew trying with all her might to get harassed and still did not get harassed. It’d be like if Fox News kept talking about an “amazing episode” of To Catch a Predator where they didn’t catch any predators – they just set up a camera in a house and Chris Hansen checked his watch for two hours.

None of this stops Williams from pursuing the bit further. Williams goes on to hold a focus group for harassed women and explains that its not okay for men to say they want to “take a (bleep) on your tits and a dump on you chest.”

She’s right. It’s not okay for men to say that. They’d be scumbags. Just like Jessica Williams is a scumbag for insinuating that some nice old guys playing dominos would ever say that to her.

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